The Gingy Harshey-Meade Excellence in Leadership Award

All 2022 applications have been received. 


The Gingy Harshey-Meade Excellence in Leadership Award is presented to an individual or organization in recognition of sustained exemplary leadership and commitment to the nursing profession, and/or participation in and contributions to the purposes of the Ohio Nurses Foundation.

Gingy Harshey-Meade served as Chief Executive Officer of ONA from 2000 until her retirement in 2014. She was instrumental in establishing the Ohio Nurses Foundation and served as its CEO and President since its charter in 2002. She has acquired tremendous respect for her leadership abilities and contributions to the profession by her colleagues at both the state and national levels. She received numerous awards and recognition for her accomplishments during her career at ONA.


The recipient of this award is selected according to the following procedures:

1. The nominee must be a nurse or organization; if a nurse, a current ONA member; and if a nurse, a member of ONA for at least 4 years.

2. All nominations must be submitted on the form/format provided by the Ohio Nurses Foundation.

3. Nominations shall be unrestricted by considerations of nationality, race, religion, creed, lifestyle, color, gender, health status, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

4. The originators of nominations must provide a narrative response to each criterion that describes explicitly and concisely how the nominee meets the award criteria. Attaching a CV or resume for the nominee is not a substitute for the narrative response.

5. The originators of nominations may supply no more than two (2) letters of support on plain paper (no letterhead) for the nominee. The letters should describe how the nominee has met the award criteria. Letters of support are not substitutes for the narrative responses.

6. The Award will be presented at the annual Nurses Choice event. All nominees will be notified prior to the NC event. The groups or individuals making the nominations will also be notified.

7. Nominations postmarked or received after the deadline date will not be considered. No extensions will be granted for incomplete nominations.


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