The Ohio Nurses Foundation awards thousands of dollars annually in research grants and scholarships to notable nurses and future nurses.

Browse the list below of available scholarship and grant opportunities and their corresponding applications.  Scholarships and research grants are awarded at the annual Nurses Choice Awards and Scholarship Luncheon.  The deadline for grants and scholarships applications is January 15, 2021. 

$100k Moral Injury Award 
ONF is seeking a nurse researcher(s) to study moral injury in nursing. Research must focus on how registered nurses in all practice settings across the state of Ohio are experiencing moral injury in the workplace. The principal investigator(s) must be a registered nurse prepared at the doctoral level. At least one member of the research team must be a member of ONA.

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All applications for Moral Injury Award must be received by February 1, 2021

Each Year the Ohio Nurses Foundation (ONF) awards up to three (3) $2,000 Research Grants.  The purpose of the research grants program is to support sound research projects conducted by Registered Nurses in Ohio.

Hague Memorial Scholarship: For a graduate nursing student who is an aspiring nurse leader.
Minority Scholarship: For students who are pursuing their first nursing degree that leads to RN licensure; live in the state of Ohio and are of a minority race.
Hayward Memorial Scholarship: For RNs preparing to teach nursing.
Traditional Nursing Student Scholarship: For students who do not have breaks longer than 2 years in their formal education (from high school to college) and have not yet obtained a degree.
RNs Majoring in Nursing: For students that are already RNs who want to advance the profession of nursing in Ohio.
Students Returning to School for Nursing Scholarship: For students who have been out of school more than 2 years and are not an RN.
Summit & Portage District Scholarship: For sophomore, junior, or senior student or returning R.N. working toward an advanced nursing degree at Hiram College, Kent State University, or The University of Akron.
Mary Runyan Scholarship: For students at Kent State-Ashtabula Campus. A scholarship award of $250 is presented to two graduating seniors per year. The scholarship recipients are chosen by the nursing faculty of the school. This award is made possible by the nurses of Ashtabula County, Ohio Nurses Foundation, and the Ohio Nurses Association. “
St. Luke’s Alumni Scholarship: $1500 For a LPN to RN or RN to BSN nursing student who resides in or attends an NLN accredited nursing program in Cuyahoga or Geauga County.

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